Young Person’s Playwriting Competition
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We’re running a competition for young people to try their hand at writing a script.
Your play can be about anything you like! It can be set anywhere, at any time, with any group of people. You can base it on your own life, people in the Wild West, or people in a fantasy world! It can be tragic or it can be comic. What matters is how you turn your ideas into good drama.
Tempted? Read the information on this web page and start thinking of some good ideas.

Ages: 11-15 years and 16-19 years (inclusive)
Deadline: 31st July
Fee: £ 0
Theme: Anything
Length: 5 to 20 minutes
Characters: 2 to 6 (max)

The winning plays will be performed by members of Rugby Theatre. This will be done as an audio recording, but it could eventually lead to a live performance. Prizes will also include tickets to shows at Rugby Theatre.

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Young Person’s Playwriting Competition

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Close 31 Jul
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