The Lion In Winter
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12 - 16 Dec
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King Henry II throws a Christmas feast for the newly crowned King of France. Also in attendance for the holiday celebrations are Henry’s three plotting sons, each eager to take the throne, and Henry’s manipulative wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, newly released from house arrest (after raising an army against Henry).

Even though they need to appear a happy family for the King of France, this doesn’t stop each Plantagenet from secretly plotting to take the others down. While the three sons backstab and squabble to take their place in history, Eleanor and Henry use their offspring as pawns against each other in a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Told in "marvellously articulate language, with humour that bristles and burns ("Los Angeles Times")”, The Lion in Winter is a play that transcends the historical genre to become a bitingly hilarious family drama.

Dates and times
Tuesday 12 December

Wednesday 13 December

Thursday 14 December

Friday 15 December

Saturday 16 December

Production details
Written by: James Goldman
Directed by: Malcolm Fawcett
Amateur production presented by arrangement with: Samuel French Ltd.
On stage
The Lion In Winter

Betrayal, treachery, and a knife fight: it’s just another normal Christmas celebration for the royal Plantagenet family of Britain.

12 - 16 Dec
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24 - 25 Nov
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