King Lear
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4 - 11 May
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Lust, treachery, greed, envy and narcissistic pride weave their webs in Shakespeare’s iconic tragedy.

Lear is seeking to step down from the day to day running of the Lear Corporation and in a moment of prideful anger she unleashes a series of events that brings the business to its knees; revealing the true natures of her three daughters and their spouses.

Having handed over wealth and power and driven by spiral of rejection, Lear finds herself adrift, wandering homeless and destitute with an old protector, a fool and a madman for company. Only as Lear comes to realise the false values by which she has lived, does she finally encounter her own humanity.

Her vengeful and cruel daughters act violently against Lear’s supporters, whilst also plotting against each other. This uncertainty and chaos emboldens the envious Edmund to seek power and wealth by usurping his father and brother, whist using his personal charms to seduce the sisters.

Set in the present day; as a study of the tensions in families; sibling rivalry; the trials of age and transition of wealth from one generation to another; Lear remains fresh and true and shines as one of the great plays of British literature.

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Production details
Written by: William Shakespeare
Directed by: Ash Hirons
On stage
King Lear

Shakespeare's epic family feud - with a few twists

4 - 11 May
On screen
All Is True (12A)

A look at the final days in the life of renowned playwright William Shakespeare

26 - 27 Apr
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