Become a director at Rugby Theatre
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Deadline - Fri 30th Aug
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Course runs 29th Sep - 20th Oct 2019
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Rugby Theatre are looking for exciting new directors who will inspire and delight our audiences - could this be you? Open to members only, a directors course will run for three weeks in October to train up new directors.

The role of the director in any production is crucial. The director has to get a team of skilled volunteers working towards one goal and one vision, often asking them to go beyond what is normally expected.

Directing a production is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding endeavours you can ever embark on. It takes a certain type of person to make a good director and this course gives you the opportunity to demonstrate that you are that person.

To apply, send an email to Robert Sloan, the Artistic Director at with the subject line ‘Directors Course 2019 Application’. Include your name, whether or not you are a theatre member and a short paragraph explaining why you would like to become a director.

Deadline for applications is Fri 30th August.



As an amateur theatre, we have very high standards, which means that before we allow someone to direct, we need to know they have the qualities that we look for. Among other things, they are:

• Creativity – how you interpret the play and how you can work with a cast and backstage teams to encourage and facilitate their creativity is crucial.

• Commitment - directing a show can take up 9 months of your life, from planning and research, rehearsals, through to production. You will have a team of people supporting you, but also relying on you, so once you through your hat in the ring, you are in it for the long haul.

• Tenacity and resourcefulness – you will have to work within constraints (time, budget etc.), so you will need to be finding creative ways to pull your production together. Anyone who has ever been involved in a production will also know that events will conspire against you at times, so you will need plenty of grit and determination to find a way through.

You will ideally already have been involved with productions at Rugby Theatre, be that on stage or off and so will already be known to other members. Applicants will need to be, or become members of the theatre and be 18 or older.

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