The Sound of Music – Children
Audition time
Sat 22 Jun 10am (registration at 9.30am)
Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Show dates
6-15 Dec
Show dates

** Note: the part of Liesl has already been cast**

Please note that ALL children will need to be strong and confident singers who can hold their notes and sing in harmony. Experience in choral singing could be an advantage but is not essential.
A lively and hard-working attitude is essential – these children have a great deal to do in this production!

We intend to cast 2 teams of children – a total of 12 children.

Please ensure that your child is able to commit to all dates of performances. They will be in two teams but dates of each teams’ performance cannot be given at this stage.

Rehearsals begin: Beginning of September (You can be in both the Summer Youth Project (Addams Family) and The Sound of Music)
Rehearsal nights: To be Confirmed (but Fri Eve and Sunday afternoon look likely for children, Liesl and Maria)
Qualified Chaperones will be present at all rehearsals where under 17s are present and at all times when the show is in the Theatre.


Character Details:
Ages are playing ages – the character needs to look and act that age but the actor could be slightly older or younger.

The children’s mother died four years ago. Their heartbroken father goes away a lot and leaves the children with a series of Governesses – who don’t stay long as they find the children ‘impossible’ and Louisa puts toads in their pockets!!

Friedrich: age 14. A complex character who tries to be grown up and the ‘man of the family’ when his father is away, but is not as tough as he likes to make out. He is shy and not great at communicating.

Louisa: age 13. She wants to have a good time and has a rebellious attitude. She is mischievous and loves playing tricks on governesses! She is lively and energetic, yet there is a sadness as she misses her mother very much.

Kurt: age 10. A gentle boy with a great sense of fun. Sensitive and easily hurt but deals with it by using humour. He is the peacemaker in the family. Some dance involved.

Brigitta: age 9. Smart! She reads a lot and notices things about people. She is very honest and tells the truth even if it is inappropriate. Learns very quickly.

Marta: age 7. Gentle, with a sense of fun. Girlie – loves pink, pretty things.

Gretl: age 5-6. Cute. Just wants to be loved.

You can be in both the Youth Project (Addams Family) and The Sound of Music as rehearsals for The Sound of Music do not start until September

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Further information
Tel: 07708304725
Venue: Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Jack & the Beanstalk
Audition time
Saturday 6 & 13 Jul, 10am
Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Show dates
24 Jan-2 Feb
Show dates

Rugby Theatre's 2020 Pantomime is Jack & the Beanstalk


READ THROUGH - Saturday June 15 at 10 am

AUDITIONS - Saturday July 6 and 13, also at 10 am.
We’ll be auditioning in a slightly different way than usual. I want you all to come with a joke or story to tell to everyone in the character of the part you’d like to audition for.
There will be some jokes and stories available on the day if you can’t think of one.
We’ll also try out your singing – with energy and volume being as important as note perfection for most parts! If you have a song you want to sing, let us know in advance please.

Ringmaster Flash – sidekick to Grottini, a music hall master of ceremonies
The Great Grottini – circus owner and baddie
Christine – the magic butterfly
Betty Fallsdown – the Dame and owner of the Nobucks Coffee Shop
Nora Legoff – a very old tripper
Jack Fallsdown – Betty’s son
Jill Tumblin – café assistant and Jack’s friend
Daisy the cow
Rob Swindle – a thief hired by Grottini
Nick Run – his accomplice
Animals and acrobats
Sage Nunion – guardian of the beanstalk
Guru Tootall – guardian of the beanstalk
Giant’s servants
Giant’s voice
Minnie Biggun

Any more information, please contact Simon Burne.

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Further information
Tel: 07908 033885
Venue: Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
A View From The Bridge
Audition time
Tuesday 23 July, 7.30pm
John Lees Hall, Regent St.
Show dates
22 - 29 Feb
Show dates

Classic, slice-of-life tragedy set in 1950s Little Italy, Brooklyn.

Eddie Carbone, a longshoreman originally from Sicily, is unhappily married to Beatrice and unconsciously in love with his wife’s niece who they have raised from childhood.

Illegal immigration, clash of cultures, and family jealousies turn Eddie’s life upside down and draw him inexorably to a terrible end.

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited


Main characters (some descriptions as in the original script):

ALFIERI, lawyer & role of Chorus – 50 plus, portly, good-humoured, thoughtful. New York accent.

EDDIE CARBONE – 40 plus, husky, slightly overweight. A good man but not a great thinker. Traditional values. Italian/New York accent. Must be strong enough to lift a chair behind his back and fight.

BEATRICE, his wife – 40 plus, hard-working, devoted to Eddie, lacking in confidence. Italian/New York accent.

CATHERINE, his niece – 17, young appearance but blossoming into womanhood. Adores Eddie. New York accent.

MARCO, a cousin of Beatrice – 30 plus, square-built peasant, suspicious, tender, quiet-voiced. Italian accent. Must be strong enough to lift a chair behind his back and fight.

RODOLPHO, his younger brother – early 20s, good-looking, perhaps slightly camp. Italian accent and needs to sing with a high tenor voice.

Supporting characters:

LOUIS - Mature, longshoreman, Eddie’s friend.

MIKE – Any age. Another of Eddie’s longshoreman friends.

TONY – Any age. Very small role. Could double-up as ….


2nd IMMIGRATION OFFICER. Could also appear as other neighbourhood character.

MR LIPARI & MRS LIPARI, local butcher and his wife. Ditto.

Plus a handful of other neighbours who pass through from time to time and take part in the fight at the end of the play. Nice opportunities for those who would like to be involved and have some fun but don’t want too much responsibility.

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Venue: John Lees Hall, Regent St.
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Box Office: (01788) 541234

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