The Sound of Music (Captain Von Trapp, Liesl & Rolf)
Audition time
Wednesday, 6th March, 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Show dates
6-15 Dec
Show dates

Von Trapp – playing age 45 – a military bearing, he is not comfortable with personal or emotional situations, preferring to fall back on his military training to get things done. Loves his children but finds it hard to express. They remind him of his dead wife whom he loved very much. Fiercely Austrian and hates the rising Nazi movement. His singing of Edelweiss must show his love of his homeland.

Liesl – playing age 16. Casting age 17(by the start of rehearsals in Sept) or older (needs to look credible!). Liesl is a classic child/woman and needs to show her childlike side in her interaction with her siblings along with her growing awareness of her sexuality and unfamiliar feelings. Liesl will be Maria’s Dance Captain, helping to train the children. She needs to be a very competent Singer, Dancer and Actress. She has a lot to do in the show and we need total commitment from our chosen girl.

Rolf – playing age 17. (Needs to look young so that the sight of him as a Nazi is more shocking.) Rolf must be a strong, confident singer, a great dancer and a convincing actor – we need to believe he is in love with Liesl but also that he later is totally committed to the Nazi cause.


Von Trapp
Voice: Baritone, able to hold harmonies.
Song: Eidelweiss from start to bar 37.

Voice: Mezzo Sop. Just below middle C to just above top C. Must be able to hold harmonies. Song: Sixteen going on seventeen bar 71 to bar 104.

Voice: Young tenor voice. C below middle C to top E. Lyrical style with warm, full tone. Song: Sixteen going on seventeen bar 19 to bar 52.

All actors must be 17+
If you have any questions, please contact the director Helen Dulcamara:

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