The Patrick Pearse Motel
Audition time
Friday, 7 Feb, 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre Central Hall
Show dates
4 - 11 Jul
Show dates

When her husband Dermond plans to be away in Cork with his partner Fintan, Grainne decided to seize the opportunity of spending the night with an ex flame, now a TV personality. She also involves the partner's wife, Niamh, in the plot. Things begin to go wrong when Niamh's furiously jealous husband returns unexpectedly and finds her performing what seems to him to be an exceedingly compromising task. Matters are further complicated by the new manageress of the new motel turning out to be the spurned love of the TV personality. All parties concerned end up in the as yet unopened motel guarded by a somewhat senile night watchman where events move or race along in the best traditions of French farce.


Dermod - Playing age 25 - 40 (Irish Accent)
Fintan - Playing age 30 - 45 (Irish Accent)
Usheen - Playing age 25- 40 (Irish Accent)
Hoolihan - Playing age Ancient (Irish Accent)

Grainne - Female. Playing age 25 - 40 (Irish Accent)
Niamh - Playing age 30 - 45 (Irish Accent)
Miss Manning - Playing age 25 - 35

Audition Pieces

Audition 1.
Characters - Fintan, Niamh, Grainne and Dermod
Page 1 to Page 3

Audition 2
Characters - Grainne and Niamh
Page 10 to Page 11

Audition 3
Characters - Dermod and Fintan
Page 28 to Page 29

Audition 4
Characters - Miss Manning and Dermod
Page 32 to Page 33

Audition 5
Characters - Usheen and Grainne
Pages 19 to Page20
Pages 39 to Page 40

Audition 6
Characters - Hoolihan and Fintan
Page 46 to Page 47

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