The Haunting
Audition time
Wednesday 1 May, 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Show dates
19 - 26 Oct
Show dates

“The Haunting “ is based on the ghost stories of Charles Dickens and is set in the Victorian era (If anyone has seen “The Woman in Black” it is a very similar set up.)
A young man, David, a book seller, travels to the secluded house of Lord Gray to catalogue books left by the Lord’s father after his death. Soon he becomes aware that something is very wrong in the house and voices and noises lead him through a story which touches him to his soul. The behaviour of Lord Gray is also a contributory factor to David’s unease and later, fear of his surroundings.

This play is not a send up. The objective is to carry the audience along the eerie story and, maybe, give them a fright along the way. The only laughs should be the nervous ones.


David Filde A young man playing age 20’s – 30ish
Lord Gray An Older opinionated man playing age 50 – 60 ish
Mary A young, slim girl playing age 18.

All parts are strong and emotive. The two men have most of the lines, so a challenge in itself, but should be good acting roles for all.
I am sure that with the commitment to this strong Drama that will be expected from us all that this can be a show for all theatrical tastes.

More more information or a reading script contact Margaret Dulcamara Tel: 01788 562389

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