The Beautiful Game – Get To Know The Show
Audition time
Wednesday, 24 January, 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre Central Hall
Show dates
Oct 2018
Show dates

"This is a story about young people on the verge of adulthood, young people wanting to love, to play football and lead normal lives in a city
dominated by violence and hatred” ~ Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber
The main theme of this show is energy. This is a passionate, almost small scale show with a big heart. It will be physically and emotionally demanding on the cast and will take our audience on an emotional journey of almost Shakespearian proportions taking in comedy, violence and moments of heart-breaking pathos. Our vision for this show is to create a high octane, slickly staged, energetic show and not duck any of the show’s darker elements. It goes from big chorus numbers, almost rap sections and beautiful ballads with an undeniable Northern Irish story. We want to thump the emotion to the audience in the heart and send them out uplifted but very moved.
There is a main cast of 10 (6 male, 4 female) with the main playing ages being up to the age of 25, apart from Father O’Donnell (playing age is mid 40’s early 50’s) plus a company of 6-8 actors - a mixture of men and women with a playing age of mid 20s


Come and meet the creative team behind the production, the director, musical director and choreographer.
Find out about the show and use the opportunity to pick up your audition pieces and tips.

Audition pieces - please email the director, David Allen.

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Venue: Rugby Theatre Central Hall
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