St Mary (Lighthorne Festival Play)
Audition time
Saturday, May 4, 10am
Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Show dates
5 Jun
Show dates

The action all takes place in a park, on and around a park bench. It is about the evolving relationships of Sally and Mark and Alison and Dave. Mary, whose name nobody actually knows, is seen as a brilliant listener because she never says anything. This gives the other characters a chance to think things through by talking.

In reality, Mary has very strong opinions which we, the audience, hear, but which the characters don’t.

As the play progresses, Mary changes her views on her own life as well as of the four characters in the play, recognising how easy it is to miss lost chances and to live in regret rather than hope.

While humorous in nature, the characters need to be played in complete seriousness and believably for the play to make sense at any level.

A one-act play to be performed at the Lighthorne Festival on Wednesday June 5


Mary (two parts – onstage and offstage)
Mary is of indeterminate age anywhere above 50 and is tattily dressed. She could be taken for a tramp. Mary’s lines are all voiced by an actor off stage. Mary onstage reacts appropriately to her voiced thoughts. Most of her lines are addressed to the birds – who are the audience.

Sally is in her late twenties or thirties. She is a schoolteacher and is in a long-term relationship with Mark. She is very organised and organising. She is intolerant of other people’s failings but a complete romantic at heart. She went to Uni with Alison.

Mark is in his thirties. He works in HR in a big corporation and is not good at it. He works with Dave. He takes himself very seriously and has little self-awareness.

Alison is the same age as Sally and went to Uni with Sally. She is an accountant and very garrulous when nervous about something. She is quite passionate and regrets ending up in such a serious job.

Dave is in his thirties, but could be older. He works in the same big corporation that Mark works in. He exudes confidence which hides a deeper insecurity.

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