Neighbourhood Watch
Audition time
Monday, 20 November, 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Show dates
5 - 12 May
Show dates

As usual, Alan Ayckbourn tackles social issues and ideas through characters; flawed, familiar, believable characters doing outrageously dark, whilst funny things.

Brother and sister, Martin and Hilda are devoutly Christian. They move into a nice, middle- class area (Bluebell Hill) fringed by a run-down estate. The siblings meet a few of their new neighbours at their housewarming party. Together they set up a Neighbourhood Watch group, without the involvement of any police officers.

The play takes a darker turn when the previously quiet, law-abiding inhabitants of Bluebell Hill become vigilantes, whose good intentions end up doing untold harm.

**NOTE** If you are unable to make this audition, please contact Steve, as he can offer an alternative date**


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Character notes and playing age:
MARTIN (40s): rather reserved, earnest, trust-worthy and devoutly Christian; his moral worthiness is slowly warped into moral obtuseness. After taking over as Chairman, he acquires the attributes of a merciless chief of police finding unsuspected reserves of severity and even sadism lurking underneath his mild-mannered surface.
HILDA (a little older): devoutly Christian; has “mothered” Martin since their mother died. A traditional home-maker, she is proud of her brother; they even sigh in sync. Controlling, pulls the strings behind Martin’s leadership.
ROD (60s): A paranoid ex-security officer, who thinks wielding baseball bats is the answer to local crime. Delivers darkly hilarious lines in a matter-of-fact manner.
DOROTHY (60s): The gossip; a congenital female snooper. Delights in other’s business. Retired local newspaper reporter.
GARETH (50s): (Amy’s husband) “mousy” a much-cuckolded unemployed engineer whose obsessive interest in mediaeval torture devices comes in handy to plot his revenge.
MAGDA (20s): (Luther's wife). Music teacher. Sensitive and apologetic; bullied by Luther. Finds courage to confront her abuse.
AMY (30s): (Gareth’s wife) having an affair with Magda's husband Luther, flirts with Martin with a soft lusciousness. The outspoken “scarlet woman”, many faux pas.
LUTHER (30s): (Magda's husband) apparently the lone objector to Martin’s draconian measures. At first the stable voice of reason, later his dark bullying depths emerge.

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