Audition time
Thursday, 14 November, 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre Central Hall
Show dates
9-16 May 2020
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A prominent author of novels and "true crime"stories enters a secluded mental institution to interview a serial killer who has been confined there for thirty years. The superintendent of the institution does not want the interview to take place and is hostile. In an effort to make the writer to understand what it means to be insane, he restrains him in a straight jacket. Then he pulls out a scalpel; he is the serial killer. The inmates have taken over the asylum and killed all of the staff except for "Nurse Plimpton". Actually a doctor, she tries to intervene and is gruesomely dispatched or so the audience thinks


Mark Styler, a writer of true crime stories, who also wrote in memory of his mother. He comes to Fairfields hoping to interview a serial killer for a new book.

Doctor Farquhar, the director of the hospital. He is relatively new to the hospital, and is trying to turn it around.

Nurse Paisley, Farquhar's nurse

Looking for three actors, two male of 40’s / 50’s and female who can be considered senior enough to run a Asylum.

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