Little Shop of Horrors
Audition time
Friday, 2 November, 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre Central Hall
Show dates
15 - 22 Jun
Show dates

When you’re dealing with an out of this world alien plant, a sadistic dentist and a simple florist who will sell his soul to get the girl, there is nothing out of bounds with this contemporary take on a musical favourite.
Succulent, sinister and deeply seductive, Little Shop of Horrors is more poignant now, than ever before. Told against a backdrop of a consumeristic world driven by fame and greed, this is ultimately a love story, a tale of a boy and a girl who are desperate to escape the tendrils of a hum-drum existence on Skid Row.
How far would you go to get the girl?


A small, but perfectly formed dedicated and utterly committed cast.
Not only do you need to be able to dance and sing, we need to be able to believe whole-heartedly in your character.
We are not looking for caricatures, but fully formed and motivated characters who can convincingly take the audience on a journey.

This is an ambitious production and will only work if all 8 members of the cast are completely committed from the outset to the demands of the show.

Please email the director using the link opposite to show your interest in auditioning.

Please See Resource 1 for full details on cast requirements
Please see Resource 2 for songs

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