King Lear
Audition time
Sunday, 21 October, 2pm
Rugby Theatre Central Hall
Show dates
11 - 18 May
Show dates

King Lear has three daughters, but no sons. Boldly he makes a decision to divide his business kingdom among his children, but fails to anticipate the consequences of his actions. His generosity is cruelly repaid and Lear finds himself adrift, wandering homeless and destitute. As he comes to realise the false values by which he has lived, he finally encounters his own humanity.

Modern day context – Lear is head of multinational business empire (kingdom); France leads a competing business. The daughters become the new owners of the divided empire, except for the youngest, who is disowned by Lear in a cruel act of temper. The rivalry between the remaining sister and their families causes the business to start to fail, making this vulnerable a hostile takeover from France, who has married Cordelia.
Lear who is showing clear signs of age related mental problems, is shunned by his daughters and finds himself sleeping rough, where he encounter Edgar who has been forced into hiding having been accused of wanting to murder his father, as situation created by his treacherous half brother Edmund in an attempt to gain his father’s riches.


Audition approach:
Open audition with the group all hearing the presentation of one of two speeches (your choice)
There will be some movement / emotional work, and then, after the group phase, specific people will be asked to read for the main roles based on preferences and some shortlisting.

There will be call backs as required - date to be decided.

Please see Download Resource 1 for full details of parts, speeches etc.

Script is available as Download Resource 2

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