God of Carnage
Audition time
Friday 10 March - 7.30pm
Rugby Theatre, Central Hall
Show dates
4 - 8 July
Show dates

“a comedy of manners – without the manners"

Two eleven‐year‐old boys, a stick and some broken teeth are the catalyst in this tale of two families. Veronica, a writer, and Michael, a company wholesaler, are parents to Bruno. Annette, a wealth manager, and Alan, a lawyer, are parents to Ferdinand.
The two couples meet to discuss the misdemeanours of their sons. The evening begins quite amicably, with apple and pear clafoutis, and the four parents intending to resolve the situation diplomatically. However, as their hopes for this begin to splinter and disillusionment sets in, the evening deteriorates from one of mild unease and discomfort, into a deluge of accusations, recriminations, jealousy and rage. There is drinking, fighting, vomiting and the destruction of some rather lovely tulips. Boys will be boys, but can the grown‐ups be grown up enough to resolve their differences without losing sight of right and wrong? The façade of civility shatters as the God of Carnage wreaks havoc in the living room and all hell breaks loose

There will be a 'get to know the play' evening on Friday 24 February, 7.30pm.


Characters - All in their forties

The Vallons and the Reilles. The two couples have just met at the Vallons.

Veronica Vallon – Veronica is the victim’s mother. Veronica is the character we all would like to be. She’s the one who cares deeply about the adults children are going to grow up to be.
However, Veronica comes to believe “Behaving well gets you nowhere. Courtesy is a waste of time, it weakens you and undermines you.” She admits she is humourless.

Michael Vallon – A self‐made wholesaler of domestic hardware. There is a diverse range to this man, grounded and earthy, who one minute is defending cruelty to a pet hamster [guinea pig] and next minute is conscientiously blow drying a damaged art book

Annette Reille – “I’m in wealth management.” Son Ferdinand. Second wife of Alan.
Becomes sick during her visit with her husband to the Vallons’. Fed up with Alan constantly being on his mobile phone, she believes “Men are so wedded to their gadgets. It belittles them. It takes away all their authority.
She challenges her husband, “Why are you letting them call my son an executioner? "

Alan Reille – a boorish lawyer; constantly taking calls on his mobile phone, dealing with a crisis, defending a pharmaceutical company that has been selling a drug that may have bad side effects; nicknames his wife “Woof‐woof.” A true alpha male. Secretly proud of his bully son

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