Ben Hur
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Sunday, 29 September, 2pm
Rugby Theatre Central Hall
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6 - 13 Apr
Show dates

This play is about a touring group of four actors – three men and one woman, called the Daniel Veil Collective – all of whom have highly inflated ideas of their own acting prowess. Their leader, Daniel, has penned his own version of Ben Hur, in which, of course, he stars.
While performing Ben Hur, we witness the gradual disintegration of the troupe. Ben Hur itself is performed with all seriousness and great intensity. Between the four of them, they perform 24 parts, with many very rapid costume changes.


Daniel Veil is the creator of this masterpiece and leader of the Daniel Veil Theatre Collective. He is anything between 30 and 60 and believes that he is the greatest – as yet unrecognised – asset to the UK’s artistic firmament. He plays Ben Hur and several other minor characters. He is in love with Crystal and believes she fancies him too.

Omar Lord is a Daytime TV D List Celeb in his 20-40s. He plays Messala and many other characters, both male and female. He is actually the best actor in the collective but unrecognised by Daniel. He loves Crystal.

Crystal Singer is an up and coming actress in her 20-40s. She has an intense belief in her own acting talents which are limited. She plays many parts, male and female and has a lot of quick changes. She loves Omar but not Daniel.

Edgar T Chesterfield is a retired Shakespearean actor so is 60+. He was definitely a fourth tier actor but did appear at Stratford (possibly the London Tube Station. He plays General Lew Wallace, the writer of the original book, and numerous other parts, all of which he struggles with.

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